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Bridal Gifting Winner: Emily

In December, we had our First Annual Bridal Gifting Event. We wanted a way to give back to our community doing what we do best - helping brides find their perfect wedding gown! Specifically, we wanted to help military brides who’s lifestyles often don’t allow them to have the wedding of their dreams. Through our event we got to hear about so many amazing couples who serve this country. Our winner, Emily, was one of the most inspiring.

She and Jake met as students at Midwest City High where they sat together during English class. They began dating during their senior year and even shared the same jersey number.

As I got to work with Emily and her mom, I heard more and more about the wonderful relationship that Jake and Emily have. It is a classic love story that they share as they balance their commitment to each other with their commitment to the nation as active duty members of the US Air Force.

“We previously talked about our relationship when we were thinking about dual military life while in high school and were more then ready to accept the challenges we would face but we were also ready for a wonderful life together.”

Knowing that the demands of military life would keep them apart if they weren’t already married, Jake and Emily were legally wed on December 27, 2017 with plans for a formal ceremony later.

I’m so honored to get to witness part of the journey she and Jake are beginning together and thankful that Bella Rose could play a role in giving them a formal ceremony to commemorate their marriage by gifting a bridal gown from our collection free of charge.

Of course, we can’t give away which dress Emily chose! But we will leave you with a small sneak peek and will be waiting impatiently to see those gorgeous wedding photos!

With love,

The girls at Bella Rose

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