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Veils 101!


What kind of veil looks best with my dress??

If you find yourself asking these questions - we have the answers!

There are actually 9 different wedding veil lengths!

  1. Bird-Cage Veil: 4-9"

  2. Shoulder-Length Veil: 20-22"

  3. Elbow Veil: 32"

  4. Fingertip Veil: 38-40"

  5. Knee-Length Veil: 48"

  6. Waltz Veil: 60"

  7. Floor-Length Veil: 72"

  8. Chapel Veil: 90"

  9. Cathedral Veil: 108-120"

Here are Different Veil Styles + Designs:

  1. Scattered Pearls

  2. All Lace

  3. Shimmer

  4. Beaded-edged

  5. Lace-edged

  6. Pearl-edged

  7. 3-D Floral

  8. Colorful Vintage Floral

  9. Custom Stitching

SO - which one of these veil lengths would go good with YOUR dress? Here are a few style examples we see brides pair together very often:

Clean, Classic Gowns with Buttons - Paired a cathedral length veil with scattered pearls

Full Glam Gowns - Paired with knee or fingertip length veil with beaded-edged

Ball Gowns - Paired with a cathedral length veil with a very detailed or lace veil around the edges

Open Back Gowns- Paired with any length of veil with a simple shimmer tool that does not cover up detail of dress

Courthouse Style Wedding - Paired with a birdcage veil - this really gives off that classic, modern vibe that every courthouse bride dreams of!

Boho Style Gowns - Paired with any length of veil with a lace-edged. The boho style does not just have to be a veil either! Often brides include a hats or flower crowns to their boho styled wedding!

Extra Things To Think About When Choosing YOUR Veil:

  1. Some brides love to pair veils with headpieces, to add a little extra touch to their look!

  2. Style your hair the way you plan to style it the day of your wedding at your bridal appointment!

  3. Consider your accessories in the budget along with your gown at your bridal appointment



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