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Rain Is Just Confetti From the Sky

Hi Brides! Today I want to talk to you about the one factor at your wedding that no one can control, and that’s weather! Mother nature can be very fickle especially in those spring and winter months but this doesn't mean we still can't have a magical day, right? RIGHT! You may have checked your weather tracker a million times throughout the week of your wedding just to see what will be headed your way on wedding day, but you never really know until you get there. Here are just a few tips to help you through navigating that weather outlook!

First things first, the bridal look! This is

hands down one of the best outfits you will ever wear and the most photographed so of course you want to look perfect. I feel the best way to feel as confident as possible on your wedding day is wear something you absolutely love. You will also want to choose a dress that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. This includes brides that want a fall feel for their wedding while their wedding is not in the fall, more power to you! Another thing we always hear brides say is “I like sleeves, but my wedding is in the Summer and I don’t want to be hot”, a lot of our sleeve options are going to be mesh sleeves with accents of lace on them, the nice part of mesh sleeves is that they are lightweight and since they’re super thin they are breezy as well so weather your wedding is in Autumn or not sleeves will always be nice to have. Remember you want to feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day and there is no reason to let weather affect the perfect vision you have!

A big tip is to check with your wedding venue and see if they have any protocols in place, if there is a second location on the property for your ceremony and if not can you use the same location as your reception. However, if you are dead set on having your ceremony outside there are ways around it, such as party tents that have wind blockers and tall space heaters if need be. Even if it is raining you still want pictured outside i'm here to tell you some of the sweetest and heart warming pictures i've seen are of newlyweds under a clear umbrella snuggled up to each other trying not to get wet but also thoroughly enjoying the experience of basking in the glory of their new spouse. All you need is a cute umbrella and a creative photographer to capture the amazing moments.

The main idea of this entry is to not let the weather be a factor in how you plan your wedding or pick your wedding gown. This year in particular we can’t really be super picky about the date anymore with everything always being so up in the air. So whether your wedding is in the heat of the summer or in the dead of winter remember this is a day about you and your new spouse and as long as the day is perfect for you that's all that matters! Thank you so much for reading!


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