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A Paris Dream: Ashley's Engagement Story

It's every girls dream, The Eiffel Tower, the love of your life, and a surprise engagement! We worked with Ashley this week to help find her dream gown and we couldn't help but swoon when we heard her engagement story! While working with her, Ashley told us how her fiancé Keith took her on a trip to Europe for their anniversary, and surprised her with a proposal!

This is Ashley's story:

"Backstory: Prior to our anniversary Eurotrip Keith told me we were going to have professional pictures taken in to celebrate us, so I had an idea of what I should pack to wear.

Fast forward to the morning of: I knew something was different when it was 10:30am and he wouldn't let me get ready for anything. I kept telling him we were wasting the day away and he just kept telling me to relax and hold off on getting ready … Well about 30 minutes later someone knocks on our hotel room door and it's a woman who says she's there to professionally do my hair and makeup! She begins doing my makeup and about 20 minutes into it there's another knock on the door … it was another woman hand delivering an assortment of macaroons from Laduree and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne!

(Obviously, at this point I knew he was going to propose but I didn't want to ask him or make it seem like I knew it was coming.)

…We finish up getting ready and walk downstairs and there is a white Rolls Royce waiting for us ….. a freaking ROLLS ROYCE with a private driver!

He drives us to Pont Alexandre III where our photographer is waiting for us and we start our photo session when Keith gets down on one knee and POPS THE QUESTION! Can you guess what I said?

We spent the rest of the day driving around Paris stopping to take pictures.

Finally, we get dropped off at the Shangri-la Palace for dinner and get seated on a private second story balcony overlooking the restaurant … Keith created a personalized menu for us with only dishes I would enjoy and our names on them. And the dinner was complete with our own private wait staff …. and HONESTLY IT WAS THE MOST SURREAL DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE and I'M SO LUCKY.

The end."

Ashley, we are so happy for you and Keith and wish you many blessings in your marriage! Thank you for choosing us to help you find your bridal gown, we enjoyed getting to know you!

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