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It's the Groom's Day Too!

Hi brides! Did you know that Bella Rose Bridal also does tux rentals? YES! Did you also know if you have 5 or more tuxedo rentals the groom gets his tux rental for free?! I know! We have several styles, colors, and fits to choose from to make your groom feel his best on the big day.

Everything included in the standard tuxedo rental is the jacket, pants, vest and tie/bowtie; we also have add-ons that include microfiber white button up, pocket square, suspenders, shoes, etc..We start by narrowing down what color tuxedo you are looking for. We have black, blue, grey, white, burgundy, and paisley; most of which comes in different shades. This may sound like a lot but once you know what color you want it's fairly easy to decide which shade is right for you. Another thing to consider with color is if you want the groom’s suit color to match the groomsmen and same for the fathers and grandfathers if they are renting a suit as well. Don’t worry this may seem like a lot of decision to make just for a color but we will help you choose the best combinations to match your wedding style!

The next step is to pick out one of our four fits: ultra slim, slim, modern, and traditional fit. Our most popular fit is the slim fit, while this may sound like it is only meant for slimmer guys this is not the case. Our slim fit suits fit a wide range of sizes with jacket sizes going all the way to a 66. Basically the term slim fit refers to the style of the tuxedo, it is going to be more tailored in the waist and the bottom of the pant and sleeve. This fit will provide a better tailored looking fit for your groom and groomsmen. We also have our ultra slim fit which is our second most popular, this is for grooms that want a very tailored look on their wedding day. The ultra slim is

more tailor in the waist, arms, and legs compared to the slim fit. If your groom is set on having a suit that is ultra slim but you aren’t sure if that fit will work for some of the groomsmen, don’t fret a lot of our more popular colors and style of suit will come in ultra slim and slim fit. This means the groom can wear ultra slim while the groomsmen wear slim fit and they can all have the same color and style suit.

Once you have the color, fit, and style picked out the last thing to do is decide what accessories you want with the suits and what color you want them to be in. This includes the vest and the tie/bowtie. Other accessories you can add on include pocket squares, shoes, suspenders, etc. There are matching vest and ties with each of our tux styles if you want it all to be one cohesive look, otherwise you will need to pick a color for your vest and tie that matches well with the colors of your wedding. We have large book that has swatches of each color option to make this a easy process.

Lastly, once you have everything picked out all you need to do is have all the guys measured and sized so we can place your order!


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