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Veil or No Veil?

Hi Brides, today we will be discussing a very important question. Should you wear a veil or not? Let’s start off by looking at some of the history and meaning behind the wedding veil. The ancient Romans used red veils to disguise the bride as a flame to ward off evil spirits that might threaten to ruin the wedding. But now we view veils as a sort of curtain separating the bride from her groom. That makes it so much more special when the groom folds back the blusher to see his bride’s beautiful, beaming face. As you stand up there with your groom on the altar, you know now that nothing separates the two of you. You are one. 

With that being said, let’s help you decide whether or not you want to wear a veil on your special day. If you were touched by the illustration above and want to have that special moment with your groom up on the altar then we highly suggest getting a veil!

Here are some pros of wearing a veil on your wedding day: It can add more of your specific character and style to your dress, it’s traditional and will most likely make your mom’s day, it offers great picture opportunities, and it gives you that special moment with your groom when he pushes back the blusher and gets to see your glowing face! 

Some cons are that it could rule out certain kinds of hairstyles, or detract from the beauty of your dress or clash with it (that’s why we’re here for you ;)).

 Most traditional wedding gowns are complimented very well with a veil. So if you’re going for more of a traditional style, a veil is definitely something to consider! If you choose a dress with lots of blind, we recommend either going without a veil or choose a zero edge, simple veil so that it does not clash with the dress or cover up any of the dress’s beauty. If your perfect dress is a clean, modern look then the sky is your limit. Simple veils, lacey veils, sparkly veils, or painted veils all look fabulous with a timeless, clean gown. 

We hope this aids in your decision on whether or not to wear a veil on your wedding day. Whatever you choose, we know you will be absolutely stunning!  


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