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Jitters?? We don't know her!

Hello Brides, in this post we will be discussing how we will help you overcome first time jitters when looking for a bridal gown! We know this is brand new territory for you and we are here to help. To start off, this is the first time you're going to be trying on a wedding gown! Everything is starting to feel very real and with that so do the jitters but don't fret we are here to talk you through the whole process. The best way to be prepared for your appointment would be to go to Pinterest, our website, or even in magazines and start looking at dresses that might encapsulate the feel for your wedding but most importantly your personality! This dress is going to be a reflection of you and make you feel like the most confident version of yourself on your special day.

We will start your bridal appointment by introducing ourselves and giving you a tour around our store. Make sure to listen closely because we will also go over the different perks our store offers you when you become a Bella Bride! Next, we will show you to your seats and start to gather some details about the style of your wedding. If there are any pictures of gowns you love this would be the perfect time to show us. If you've already tried on somewhere and have a favorite we would love to see it just so we know what you've been liking and get some more insight on your style.

Your wedding date and venue are also big milestones, this is the day and the place you and your fiance have decided to share your love with the world. These are two things that should factor into your decision as well. The first thing we will be doing is finding your silhouette; this will consist of us pulling 3-4 gowns of various styles to see which you like best. After we establish a style we will be going on to find what we like and what we dont like and this is where your wedding details come in handy! Let's say you were having your wedding in the Colorado mountains in October, maybe start off trying on a gown that would fit the surroundings! A clean satin gown with very minimal detailing and a fur bolero would look amazing with the backdrop of mountains and snow. However, if you were getting married by the lake in the middle of July you may want to wear a fully lace gown thats very breathable! This will make it easier for you to see if you like lace, sparkle or any other detail. All these aspects will helps us find the perfect dress for the style you have described to us, which in turn will make your experience much less stressful. Stay tuned for more details on the process of finding your dream dress!

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